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There are so many dating sites. How is Coffee Meets Bagel different?

First, it’s the safest, most private way to meet people! It’s safe because you are meeting people through your friends (i.e., no randos!). It’s private because your profile is not being viewed by hundreds of strangers. Second, it’s easy! You just check one match per day at noon, whom we curate for you. We do all the work, which is the complete opposite of most other dating sites where you are pouring in hours online. Finally, the quality of the people is great because we make matches from your social circle.

I'm suspicious that my SMS messages are not going through. Can I check if it actually went to my Bagel?

Typically, if you are able to successfully receive the ice breaker question from us and send a message of your own, this indicates that your messages are successfully getting to your match. However, if you have not heard back from a number of your matches, please let us know and we will reach out to them to double check for technical issues on their end. We will not mention that you have reached out.

How does this work?
At Coffee Meets Bagel, we believe in delivering quality matches. Based on your profile, preference, friends and your history with us, we recommend one best match for you every day at noon. We try to find matches with mutual friends (never your own friends) because they result in a much higher connection rate. You have until next day noon to LIKE or PASS and if there is a mutual LIKE, we connect you via a text message using a private phone line so you don't have to reveal your number. You just reply to the text to start communicating!
Why does it require Facebook?
Because we provide one match (aka Bagel) a day, it is important for us to give you the best Bagel possible. Our studies have shown that having mutual friends between matches result in 40% more connections. To enable matches with mutual connections, currently we require all of our users to sign up with a Facebook account. This also helps us to identify fake accounts.
What are coffee beans?
You can use coffee beans to unlock cool features on Coffee Meets Bagel, like being able to get a second chance with a Bagel you missed or unlocking identity of your mutual friends. Start collecting coffee beans now, you will want them later! You can earn more in Bean Shop.
Why don’t I receive a Bagel everyday?
We are still very new in most cities so sometimes you won't receive Bagels every day. The best way to ensure that you get one every day is to invite your friends. The more friends that join, the broader your network will be and therefore greater likelihood of a quality match. Please go to Invite Friends to invite more. You can also try widening your preference so you don't restrict your matches too much. Go to Preferences.
How do I start talking with my match?
When you connect via a mutual LIKE, you should receive a private text message connecting you two. Just respond to the text to start talking to your match. If you received a connection email referencing a 'chat bubble', your messages are being sent to your iPhone or iPad. If this is not your main device, please email us to switch you back to SMS.
My gender and/or age is incorrect.
Please contact us using the chat box below with your birthdate!
How do I change my email or location?
Go to Profile to update your email or zipcode.
I accidentally passed my Bagel. Can I change my response?
Unfortunately, that’s not possible at the moment.
What is a rematch?
Rematch allows you to have a second chance with a Bagel. This will send your profile to your Bagel again-- you will not see this Bagel again yourself. If s/he LIKEs, then you will get connected by SMS. Rematches have a 70% higher chance of connecting.
How can I upload non-Facebook photos to my profile?
You can upload any files by going to Photo.If you hover over one of the 4 photos, you will have option to UPLOAD PHOTOS. Click upload and then you can select any files smaller than 0.5MB.
What is a GIVE?
You can recommend any of your own Bagels or any of the 10 Bagels we suggest (after you check your own) to your friends so they can receive him/her as a match. Once your friend clicks this link, it will schedule the match for the next day your friend does not have a match already lined up, typically within 1-3 days. Friends help each other!
When will Coffee Meets Bagel be available in my city?
Coffee Meets Bagel just launched in ALL cities in the US!! But it may take a little bit until we can service you everyday in your area. Please click here to sign up and invite all your friends! The more invites you send out, the faster we will be able to service you!
Is Coffee Meets Bagel available outside of the U.S.?
Sorry, we're currently only available in the US. We will let you know when we expand to your market!
I’m not receiving emails from Coffee Meets Bagel! What’s going on?
First, please make sure our email is in your address book! Otherwise, it may get sent to junk mail. Also, make sure you did not accidentally unsubscribed by checking your Email Settings.
I’m having problems logging in.
Make sure you can access Facebook and that you are logged into your correct FB account (if you have more than one). If you still can’t access our site, please try removing cookies and then log in again. Sometimes, problems are specific to browsers and you may want to try logging in through another browser. Please contact us with the following information if the problem persists:
  • - Device: Are you using a computer or iPhone?
  • - Browser: Internet Explorer? Firefox?
  • - Version: Chrome 22.0?
  • - What error message or specific problem are you encountering? Any details, screenshots would help.
I’m getting matches, but they are not friends-of-friends. Why?

We try to do our best every day to find someone who you share mutual friends with. However, sometimes that’s simply not possible. In these cases, we try to find you the next best match who might not be friends-of-friends.

If you have never received a friends-of-friends Bagel, it could mean that Facebook did not send us your friends information properly when you registered. Please click here so we can try importing again.

How can I get closer matches?
This option is coming soon. We are still new in most cities, as we just recently opened up the service within the US so it may take a bit of time for us to find someone close to you daily. You can help us by telling your friends about us! Thank you.
I’m getting frustrated because I am not hearing back from my match after “LIKING”. Are you sure my matches are checking my profile?

We live and die to help our members connect so we take this very seriously! We do not make matches with members who are inactive. Your profile makes a HUGE difference in the response rate. Your first photo is the most important one and you want to make sure that shows your face clearly (and with a smile!). We suggest 1 or 2 head shots with the rest of the photos showing off your hobby or interest, and that shows your full body. Also, profile details are important--no one wants to LIKE someone who has generic descriptions of themselves. Think about what really makes you unique and interesting that will get your Bagel thinking, 'I would like to get to know this person more!'

Also, please take a look at these great profile examples from our blog.

How do I delete my account?
Please contact us and we will delete it for you.
Why am I getting matches when I deactivated my account?
Sometimes it takes a day or so for any changes in preference to take effect. Please contact us if it has been more than a few days since you’ve changed.
I love Coffee Meets Bagel! Can I work for you guys?
We are ALWAYS looking for talented individuals (and you don't have to be single to apply!). Please visit our jobs page here: We look forward to hearing from you!

Did not find the answer you need? Please feel free to contact us here:

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Technical Issues?

We might have a few technical issues during beta stage. If you have difficulty accessing the service at any time, please let us know.

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