Mystery Gift for Android

With Mystery Gift, you have a chance of getting awesome rewards like free Takes, free Woos, more Beans, even a Starbucks gift card or a romantic date on us. All the gifts are always valued more than the price to unwrap. You can unwrap as many gifts as you want. There is no limit!
Please note: This feature is only available on the Android app, but will be open to iOS soon.
Where can I find Mystery Gift?
You will see a gift box icon on the top right corner on your Today’s Bagel page. Click on it and you can unwrap one of the five gifts upon clicking the button at the bottom. When you’d like to exit out this page, click on the back button to return back to your Today’s Bagel page.
How can I use my gifts?
If you get a free Take, it should be automatically applied to your next attempt to Take. It will show as free instead of the Bean price. Same applies to free Rematch, free Woo and free Open Sesame.
If you get more Beans, your Bean count will be reflected right away.
If I win a Starbucks gift card or the free date, how do I get those prizes?
We will send an email to your Coffee Meets Bagel email address with detailed information about this within a few days.