Meet ‘Date Nudge’

As social distancing and quarantine life become “the new normal,” it’s easy to feel like much of life has been “canceled” – including dates in real life. But CMB daters like you are trying something new to take their connections a step further: virtual dates.

We get it, landing a regular date is tough enough. So we don’t expect landing a virtual date to be any easier. That’s why we made “Date Nudge,” a feature that makes asking someone out – even on a virtual date – easier.

How Does It Work?

In App Photo of Virtual Dates Feature

If we think you and your match have the potential to go on a great virtual date, we’ll ask one of you whether you’re open to it. If we ask you and you’re open to it, you can choose up to 3 of your favorite virtual date ideas. If you tap “No thanks,” we won’t do or say anything else (just in case it’s more of a “Maybe later”).

Photo of App using Virtual Date feature

Once you tell us you’re open to a virtual date and pick your ideas, we’ll let your match know. From there, it’s up your match to suggest a specific activity and time. (Note: If the notification is dismissed, they can still see our tip – including your favorite virtual date ideas – as a note from CMB in their chat.)

6 Virtual Date Ideas to Try With Matches

We know that virtual dates are a little new, so we’ve added some more details on how your dates could go down. Pick one of the below to make a virtual date happen, or use them as inspiration to come up with your own digital date.

1. Video Coffee Date

A video coffee date is the perfect twist on the common video chat. How does it work? Schedule a time to video chat (Zoom, Facetime, and Skype are all good picks) to have casual conversation over coffee. Not a coffee fan? Tea, water, or even a glass of wine will do; there are no hard and fast rules. Just keep it casual to get to know your date better and see if you hit things off.

2. Phone Call

We won’t tell you how phone calls work because we all know how to dial a number – and that’s the best part. It’s painfully simple, and there’s no need to find your best first-date outfit. Interested in talking on the phone but not so sure about giving out your phone number? Consider using free-call services like Google Voice or Kakao Talk.

Pro Tip: Keep a box of table-top cards on hand like the Icebreaker deck from Best Self Co to get conversation flowing.

3. Game Night

Sometimes a little flying blue shell is what you need to spark chemistry. If you and your match are both into games, challenge them to a game night. Multiplayer and co-op videogames such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Castle Crashers, and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime are guaranteed fun. Mobile games like Words With Friends can be a lot of fun, too, as well as the traditional Pictionary.

4. Online Museum Tour

Are you a museum buff? Google’s got your back with virtual museum views, and there’s always The Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History. Share a screen via video chat and explore the secrets of Stonehenge, or take turns pretending you’re the tour guide by making up backstories for exhibits.

If a museum tour just isn’t your thing, the Metropolitan Opera is presenting live streams  of performances as well for the near future. Looking for something a little more…exotic? It’s a date: tune in at 3 p.m. EDT for “Home Safari Facebook Live,” where the Cincinnati Zoo will share an (albeit sometimes shaky) stream of one of their zoo animals. 

5. Netflix Party

Netflix and Chill is canceled for the near future, but Netflix Party is fair game. With Netflix Party, you can synchronize video playback and group chat while you watch your favorite netflix TV shows and movies. Swap witty commentary, or simply sit back and watch something together to discuss afterward. Even better: Use Netflix Party to stream Bandersnatch – an interactive “choose your story” film – and take turns deciding (or debating) where the story goes.

6. Recipe Swap

Let’s be real, watching people eat over video chat isn’t the sexiest date. But, there are still a few ways to bond over a meal that are a smidge cuter. Enter, the recipe swap. To start a recipe swap, ask your match about their favorite recipe. Then, give them yours. On your own time, or via video chat if you both have ingredients available, get to cooking and share how it turns out.

Fridge looking grim? Play a virtual version of “Chopped” – the show where chefs are put head-to-head to see what meal they can come up with using limited ingredients. Better yet, share pantry lists and have your match choose the ingredients for you.

Wishing for more virtual date ideas?

If you’ve exhausted this list of virtual dates and you’re looking for more, stay in the loop on our Instagram. There, we’ll post more tried and true digital dates, as well as tips for dating during COVID-19. Feel free to drop a comment or DM us about your experience – we’d love to hear from you about what’s working (and what’s not) when it comes to dating during coronavirus.