Meet ‘Date Nudge’

Getting a date is tough. People get busy, chats fizzle, and asking someone out is downright scary. But the moment you joined Coffee Meets Bagel, we made a promise to have your back.

That’s why we made “Date Nudge” – a feature that makes asking someone out a little easier. So you can go on more great dates.

Why This Feature?

Before we started brainstorming, we put on our safety goggles and looked at the research on dates. For matches who meet in person, what’s their secret?

Two things were linked to more dates:

1. Less back-and-forth texting

2. Suggesting a specific time and date

That’s because, frankly, none of us are very good at communicating over text. Even the most compelling conversations can get dragged out, and the longer you wait to ask someone out, the less likely it is to happen. Momentum is lost. And even when people get to the good stuff – asking someone out – they’re often too vague about the details to make it clear they’re suggesting a date.

Date Nudge does the work for you to find out whether your match is open to a date, and if so, what kind of dates they like best. So you can skip the back-and-forth and use their suggestion to suggest a specific time and date.

Because sometimes all you need is a little nudge.

How Does It Work?

Open To Date Feature in app

If we think you and your match have the potential to go on a great date, we’ll ask one of you whether you’re open to a date. If we ask you and you’re open to it, you can choose up to 3 of your favorite date ideas. If you tap “No thanks,” we won’t do or say anything else (just in case it’s more of a “Maybe later”).

CMB App Push Notifications

Once you tell us you’re open to a date and pick your favorite ideas, we’ll let your match know. From there, it’s up to your match to suggest specifics. (Note: If the notification is dismissed, they can still see our tip – including your favorite date ideas – as a note from CMB in their chat.)