ohio university vs miami

Ohio U. vs. Miami: Which School Has The More Desirable Student Body?

While Ohio University and Miami of Ohio may be neck and neck in the Battle of the Bricks, Miami is hands-down hotter & harder to please when it comes to student body attractiveness. Fall 2014 is here and Coffee Meets Bagel’s Chief Data Scientist sifted through over 33,000 matches made among alumni & students of the Ohio’s top universities—Ohio University &

Kentucky vs. Indiana

Kentucky vs. Indiana: Which School Has The More Desirable Student Body?

The Indiana-Kentucky basketball rivalry may be on hold, but the competition is still on when it comes to dating. Unfortunately, Kentucky ladies and gents can’t keep up against the hot Hoosiers. Fall 2014 is here and Coffee Meets Bagel’s Chief Data Scientist sifted through over 90,000 matches made among alumni & students two rival universities—Kentucky & Indiana—to find

Marriage rate drops DRAMATICALLY in the US

A few shocking stats: 1. % of married among people 18 or older: 2010: 51%/1972: 72% 2. # of marriages decline by 5% from 2009 to 2010. 3. Mean age of marriage 2010: Men: 29, Women 27/Baby boomers: Men: mid-20s, Women:early 20s In a recent survey, 40% of people said they believe marriage is obsolete,

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Startup Living: Startup Lessons for Beginners (Learned the Hard Way) mattskilly: Startups are hard. If there is one piece of advice that will help you overcome, it’s learn from your mistakes. That way, fail or succeed, you will always be moving forward. Connectsy was a mobile app my Co-Founder and I launched with plans to

Don’t Waste Time.

I read this several weeks ago but I really like it and have been thinking about it a lot so want to post it here for a reminder for myself. It’s a post by Jason Freedman. You can read it here. I often get distracted and think about all kinds of things that I need

Importance of advisor

I met with my old professor this week to show him and discuss with him about Coffee Meets Bagel. To be honest, I have been wanting to talk to him for a while but just kept putting it off for one reason or another, mostly being “I need to show him a better version” “when

Women's hunch

Hunch, intuition, gut-feeling, voice whispering in your ears—whatever you may call it, I have experienced, repeatedly, many instances when my first intuition proved to be right. In this interesting study conducted by Psychologist and Villanova University Associate Professor Rebecca J. Brand, women could intuitively evaluate men’s physical attractiveness from their written online profiles. Without photos,

Love, Lies and What They Learned

Some interesting but not surprising findings from a study of more than one million online dating profiles, conducted by Gerald A. Mendelsohn, a professor in the psychology department at the University of California, Berkeley. 1. 80% of people misrepresent their height and weight on their online dating profile. Women on average report that they are

Fruitless search on online dating?

In this interesting research conducted by Frost, Chance, Norton, and Ariely (Duke University and Harvard Business School), inefficiencies of current dating platforms are revealed in simple numbers: On average, online daters spend 7 times as many hours screening profiles and emailing potential partners than in actual face-to-face discussions. Spending 11-12 hours a week to search