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The Science to Setting Your Preferences & Liking Bagels

A note from Steve Pollock, Chief Product Officer at Coffee Meets Bagel I’ve had success meeting a long-term partner on a dating app. And while my last relationship didn’t work out because, well, life happens – it was an incredibly fulfilling relationship. And another bright side: My experience with dating apps led me to meet

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Online Dating Safety Tips: 5 Ways to Spot a Scammer

A note from Jenny, head of customer experience Finding a good date used to be at the top of my “things I dread” list, right after public speaking and queuing at the bank. So, when apps like Coffee Meets Bagel came onto the scene, I was beyond relieved. I didn’t have to frequent loud bars,


How to Fill Out Your Dating Profile Like a Pro

A note from Paige Butterfield, Content Designer at CMB Answering the first prompt on my Coffee Meets Bagel dating profile, “I am… ,” went something like this: “I am…always up for an adventure!” Wait, who am I kidding? I’m waiting for a burrito delivery. “I am…optimistic!” No, no. Too optimistic. DELETE. “I am…a writer for

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Online Daters’ First-Date Expectations Are Surprisingly Traditional, Poll Shows

In an age when dating is more synonymous with eggplant emojis than candle-lit eggplant parmesan, one might expect singles’ first-date expectations to be equally contemporary. It’s no surprise, then, that 52% of surveyed CMB singles said they Google their match before a first date. But beyond digging up a date’s digital footprint, our polled singles

CMB Dawoon Kang Reddit AMA

Did You Miss Dawoon Kang’s Reddit ‘AMA’? Here’s 7 of the Best Q+A

Coffee Meets Bagel’s very own Co-Founder and -CEO Dawoon Kang braved Reddit’s r/IamA January 22 to answer the questions on everyone’s mind: from tips for online dating, to where the name “Coffee Meets Bagel” came from. (And seriously, who’s the coffee? Who’s the bagel?!) There are a lot of juicy questions and answers to sift

Dating Sunday: The Best Day to Be a Bagel

If your 2019 resolutions include “Meet new people,” “Fall in love,” or “Use cute bagel stickers more often,” you’re going to want to save a New Year’s party popper for this. Dating Sunday, Jan. 6, 2019, will be one of the best days to use Coffee Meets Bagel. So, how do we know this? Historically, the first Sunday

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5 Ways to Get What You Want From Dating Apps in 2019

It’s 2019, and a recruiter stumbles upon your LinkedIn. You have a blurry picture of yourself holding up your cat like Simba in “The Lion King,” and your profile says something about being a 2015 Flip Cup Champion, #LetsGetThisBread. This same approach on Instagram may have earned you thousands of followers. But, let’s just say…you’re

Hosts From MTV’s ‘Catfish’ Get Real About Dating, Relationships at CMB Experience

We can’t stop talking about our October 11th event, when special guests Nev Schulman and Laura Perlongo from MTV’s “Catfish” MC’d one of our CMB Experiences: The Gathering. As a refresher, The Gathering is a series of intimate CMBxSofar concerts in NYC centered on meaningful dating and relationship stories. The topic of the night? Dating

Say ‘Hi’ to CMB’s New CFO and CTO

Coffee Meets Bagel is so excited to introduce two new fantastic leaders to our executive bench: CFO Quincy Yang and CTO Will Wagner. As Coffee Meets Bagel continues to grow, we’re on the lookout for top talent to add to our team. And Quincy and Will? Well, they’re the real deal. CFO — Quincy Yang

We’re Getting a Face(book) Lift

At Coffee Meets Bagel, we’re all about being our best selves. And sometimes, that means making changes. The latest? We’re adding a phone-number login option. This login update will make Coffee Meets Bagel more convenient and safer to use. We’ll start rolling out this new login option today, but if you don’t see it yet, don’t

Camp Meets Bagel: A CMB Experience

About 150 Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) members and friends attended Camp Meets Bagel: A CMB Experience, an all-inclusive sleepaway camp for adults near New York City from Thursday, May 10th through Sunday, May 13th. The event was organized in partnership with Camp No Counselor. You might be wondering: What is a CMB Experience and why