We’re Getting a Face(book) Lift

At Coffee Meets Bagel, we’re all about being our best selves. And sometimes, that means making changes. The latest? We’re adding a phone-number login option. This login update will make Coffee Meets Bagel more convenient and safer to use. We’ll start rolling out this new login option today, but if you don’t see it yet, don’t worry! All users will see the new login option, whether on Android or iOS, within the next few days.

We’re Listening

It’s obvious why our phone-number login option will make Coffee Meets Bagel more convenient and accessible, especially to new users who may not have a Facebook account.
But that isn’t our only reason for the transition. We know your data is important to you. In fact, we saw a 378 percent increase (yes, seriously!) in the number of requests for alternative options to our Facebook login in the wake of Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal.
And guess what? Your data is really, really important to us, too. So we’ve done a whole lot of research on how we can best keep your data safe while still keeping our app super convenient and easy to use.
And so, presto! The phone-number login option was born.

Why a Phone Login? Safety and Privacy

We’ve chosen this login option because we know many of you don’t feel comfortable logging into our app via Facebook. Plus, phone-number logins ensures only one account is made per phone.
We love Facebook for our gossip and friends update fix just as much as the next user, but unfortunately, Facebook and email login options pose higher risks — like the possibility of users creating multiple fake accounts. And at Coffee Meets Bagel, we’re all about being real.

We’ve also partnered with a third-party security firm specializing in identity protection and other safeguards to prevent fake accounts from being created with fake phone numbers. Because your safety and privacy is our primary concern. (You know, next to finding you spectacular matches.)

What If I’m Not Ready for This Change?

If you don’t feel like updating your Coffee Meets Bagel account with a phone-number login instead of your Facebook account right now, that’s all right. We know change takes time, so for now, you’ll still have the option to log in with Facebook.
If you have any questions or comments, please write to us at [email protected]!