Having Trouble Logging In On Android?

Coffee Meets Bagel uses your Facebook account to login. In rare cases, you may have trouble signing in with Facebook. This can happen for many different reasons: it may be related to email and passwords settings, Facebook server outages, or even network failures with your WiFi or cellular data. We laid out a few steps to help troubleshoot this issue.



First, there are three ways by which an Android user can login to Facebook. The first is indigenous to the operating system by going to Settings > General > Accounts > Facebook. (Note: not all Android devices have native Facebook settings.)

Android 1

The second is through the mobile application downloaded to your phone.

Android 3

Lastly, if you don’t have the Facebook app installed on your phone, CMB will open a browser popup within the app for you to log in to Facebook and authorize CMB.

Android 4

Check and verify you have the same account information for all three. Most importantly: make sure you are logged in with the account under which your CMB account is registered.


All three of these login locations need to be in sync. The app will first look at your Facebook Application to log into your CMB account, so at the very least this needs to be properly set up.


Finally, you will need to navigate to the “Apps” section of your Facebook account (this may be done online or through the Facebook app itself) and verify you have given Coffee Meets Bagel permission to access your account information. Facebook > Account Settings > Apps > Logged in with Facebook  > Coffee Meets Bagel

Android 6

If you’re still having trouble

If you have met all the criteria above, it’s time to dive a little deeper.

  • Sometimes, if the app malfunctions, it can store bad data in the background and a reinstallation is required to delete it. A great first step would be to remove the CMB app from your phone entirely, and redownload it to your device. Don’t worry! You won’t lose any of your history; those awesome Bagels will be waiting for you when you return.
  • If, after reinstallation, you are still having login problems, the next step would be to logout of Facebook entirely on your device, this means logging out of the app, the Facebook settings on your Android, and through the Internet browser.
    • Once this has been done, restart the CMB application, then try logging in again. You will have to re-enter your login credentials at this time. If you have multiple Facebook accounts, please remember to log into the one with which you created your CMB account.
  • If the issue persists, we next recommend re-installing both Facebook and Coffee Meets Bagel so you have a clean slate across the board.


Diving Deeper

  • If, at this point, the problem has not been resolved, we have established that it cannot be the app itself or your Facebook app.
  • The next step we recommend is to navigate back to that Facebook Apps page (remember, this can be done within the Facebook application, or through the Facebook website).
    • Go to your settings, find the Apps section, and locate CMB within the list of apps you have allowed to access your Facebook information.
  • Remove Coffee Meets Bagel entirely.
  • Restart the CMB app., and login again, and re-grant us permission to your Facebook.


Things to Verify

  • Internet Connection
    • Sometimes your device will say you are connected to the WiFi when the signal is weak or not fully functioning.
    • Toggle your WiFi off, and then back on to re-establish your connection.
    • Open another application or your browser to verify you have a working connection.
  • Cellular Data
    • The same can be true with your cellular data.
    • The best thing to do here is just flip on Airplane Mode (Settings > Connections).
    • Let the device sit for a few seconds, then turn it back off. Wait for it to reestablish a connection, then try our app again.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Since Coffee Meets Bagel uses your Facebook credentials, if the Facebook servers are having problems, or if their site is down entirely, you will not be able to log into CMB.
    • An easy way to verify this is to simply log into your account on a browser or the app and make sure it is running as it should.


If the above steps do not resolve the problem, please contact us for additional help at [email protected].