Coffee Meets Bagel Has a Whole New Look, Inspired by You

Coffee Meets Bagel Has a Whole New Look, Inspired by You

In early 2018, Coffee Meets Bagel set a goal for the new year: Find out more about our community members. When we created one of the most meaningful apps to meet people, we already knew you were craving genuine connections. But what we found is that our community is even more awesome than we imagined.

You’re redefining what it means to connect in a meaningful way.

You’re moving beyond empty profiles and empty connections. You’re saying “I’m done,” with the status quo, with superficiality, and with forced conversations.

You want to meet people who spark your heart.

Some people spark your heart because they feel like home. Some people spark your heart because they’re a great listener, and an even greater friend. And others spark your heart just by inspiring you to try something new.

Coffee Meets Bagel is still dedicated to creating meaningful connections. But because of what we’ve found, what you’ve told us, our definition of “meaningful” is no longer limited to serious relationships. We feel moved to dig a little deeper and to connect you with people who inspire you.

These changes will take time. But, we can’t wait to show you the progress we’ve made this year toward perfecting a dating app that puts the focus on you and meaningful connections.

Take a look below at what you can expect with the new Coffee Meets Bagel as we begin to roll out our changes throughout the week.

1. Get to the Heart of What Matters Most With a Simplified Design

Coffee Meets Bagel New Suggested Screen

Check out our minimalist approach to your favorite section: Suggested.

Coffee Meets Bagel took the focus off competing colors, loud buttons, and outdated features. Instead we’re focusing on highlighting real people and the conversations that move relationships forward. In fact, our streamlined look was designed to make you, your photos, and your profile center stage. 

One of the best apps to meet people, Coffee Meets Bagel, has a new Discover screen

Now you can find quality matches near you more quickly with vertical scrolling in the “Discover” section on both iOS and Android.

Differences in Suggested and Discover Sections

The “Suggested” section is now easier to navigate than ever, and “Discover” lovers can enjoy seamless scrolling on both iOS and Android. We think our clutter-free approach will make finding and getting to know your matches easier than ever!

2. Send a Message Before Connecting to Spark Conversation

Coffee Meets Bagel new comment feature

To send a message before connecting, just press the chat bubble to the right of the heart. This feature will also send a Like with your message.

The point of making connections on Coffee Meets Bagel isn’t to catch ‘em all like Pokemon cards. (Plus, you’re already the very best!) It’s to get to know your matches and then meet in real life for a real date.

While not all matches lead to dates, the ones that do always begin with meaningful conversation. And those are the ones we care most about. To pique interest and spark conversation from the get-go, we’ve launched a feature that allows potential matches to send a message with a Like even before connecting.

Our Exciting Message-Feature Testing Results

In our beta testing, members who sent messages to potential matches had a 25% higher chance of getting Liked back! And, when the initial message sparked conversation, there was a 60% increase in total messages exchanged.

3. Fangirl Over Our New Logo With Us

Coffee Meets Bagel new logo 2018

Can you find the circular geometry in our new logo?

Our new logo isn’t awesome just because it’s as sleek as our new design. It was crafted with elements unique to Coffee Meets Bagel. The “C” and “B” in our logo meet in the middle with a heart, reinforcing our focus on creating connections that spark your heart.

In fact, they don’t just “meet;” they’re intertwined as if a love story is unfolding right there between them.

We’ve also included a wink to our past logos you know and love. Inspired by bagels and coffee cups, we incorporated the geometry of a circle in our updated look. This visual language of a circle will eventually become a thread that connects elements throughout our visual identity, from app icons to illustrations.

So that, even if something doesn’t have the Coffee Meets Bagel logo on it, you can say, “Hey – that is so Coffee Meets Bagel.”

4. Engage in Empowering Social Content

CMB's new empowering social media content

You may have noticed recently that our social feeds, especially Instagram, also got a makeover. But our changes are more than just sesame seeds sprinkled on a bagel. Lately we’ve been focusing on creating social content that’s not only inspiring and uplifting, but that also opens up a dialogue. We’re asking questions like…

“What does it mean to connect meaningfully?”


“Is there such thing as ‘The One’?”

We’re taking a stance against online dating conventions, like ghosting and treating people like profiles. We’re expanding the conversation to the self: self-reflection, self-discovery, and self-love. And we’re letting you know how you can make the most out of your CMB experience – like what to put on your profile and the best ways to break the ice.

Be a Part of the Conversation

Like a good partner, we’re also just as interested in seeing what you have to say as we are in sharing our own outlook. We’re honing our listening skills and we’re tuning in to your needs. To be a part of the party dialogue, follow us on Instagram: @coffeemeetsbagel

5. Stay Tuned – This Is Just the Start

We know that dating can be tiring. In fact, sometimes it’s downright exhausting. But despite this, you continue to put yourself out there, authentically. Enthusiastically. And as long as there are people like you willing to bravely share their heart, we promise to continue refining Coffee Meets Bagel.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2019 as Coffee Meets Bagel, our company and our community, continues to grow. Thank you for inspiring us to be the best version of ourselves.

Thanks for being you.


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