Dating Statistics: 5 Ways Your City is Affecting Your Single Life

Dating Statistics: 5 Ways Your City is Affecting Your Single Life

The single life can be hard sometimes — believe me, we know! There are so many things to consider: attraction, intelligence, compatibility, and even that simple spark. As if that doesn’t make it difficult enough, it turns out your geographical location matters too. Sounds crazy, no?

When it comes to finding a date in a big city, is it possible that you’re going against the odds? When it comes to choosing a city to find your match, is there such thing as the “right” city for you? According to the profiles of Coffee Meets Bagel members, the answer to both of those questions is yes.

As you can see, Boston seems like a safe bet overall— they have a good balance between both genders, the most educated picks available, and a good amount of diversity in religion. However, it’s definitely important to note Boston’s lack of ethnic diversity and the fact that NYC and SF offer a multitude of things to do for singles!!

Hope this helped— looks like none of them are 100% ideal, but hey, no city is perfect right?

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