How politics are changing the way we date

How politics are changing the way we date


Politics have been a hot topic since November’s election. We were curious how current political events are impacting singles’ dating lives, if at all.

On February 1st, 2017, we polled 1,320 Coffee Meets Bagel members across the United States and asked: Are politics affecting your dating life?

Here’s what we found…

Are politics impacting your dating life? The majority of singles said yes, particularly Democrats.

A whopping 70% of singles who identified themselves as Democrats said politics are impacting their dating lives  “slightly” to “profoundly,” alongside 55% of Independent singles, and 43% of Republican singles.

Among those who said their dating lives are impacted, 82% of Democrats, 66% of Independents, and 66% of Republicans said, “It’s more important that my matches’ political views are similar to mine.” 40% of Democrats, 34% of Independents, and 22% of Republicans said, “It’s more important for me to talk about politics early on in the date.”

Some singles explained why sharing similar political views has become more important.

“I hugely appreciate having great conversations with someone with slightly differing viewpoints…but I’m finding lately that when just meeting someone and getting to know them, political differences are borderline exhausting and deal breaking.”

Some cited politics becoming more personal recently as a reason why it’s become more important.

“Politics are becoming more personal; ‘How are you coping?’ is a normal question now.”

For those singles who reported that politics are not impacting their dating lives, 34% said love and politics should be kept separate, 32% said they are not that political, and 24% said politics don’t matter when it comes to love. Many cited the fact that they “can accept difference of opinion and value that in others” as the reason why politics have had little influence on their dating lives. Some even said,

“Politics are a subject that nowadays, especially in the US, are a must to talk, however a difference in opinion should never impact the success of a relationship.”

How are politics impacting your dating life?

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