5 Ways To Make Someone Fall In Love With You In 2015

5 Ways To Make Someone Fall In Love With You In 2015


Are you having a crush on a girl or guy and find it difficult to approach them? Have you tried all you can to get their attention and it is not working? Great!  This article will open your eyes to what you can do to them to fall in love with you. A lot of people find it difficult to make someone they love so much fall in love with them.  Naturally, for a love relationship to thrive, love needs to be reciprocal.  If you fall in love with someone who is not in love with you, the relationship will head nowhere. However, some people believe that love happens gradually and that the other person may come around to love them as time progresses.  But, this happens in 1 out of 10 cases. If you have found yourself in this circumstance, use the ideas enumerated below and thank me later.

1.  Be close to the person as much as possible

It is a fact that you become friends with people who are close to you.  For instance, when you are in college, you tend to develop friendships with your classmates. The same goes with people who work in the same place. When you are close to the person you love, it tends to make it easy for that person to love you back because they see you often. A proverb says “Out of sight is out of mind”.  When you try as much as possible to see this person you love, you keep your face imprinted in his or her heart.

2.  Send love messages regularly

Technology has made things easy for everyone.  You can always compose love messages and send to him or her. If you don’t know what to write, there are many websites where you can get love messages online. Examples are: www.romanticlovemessages.com, textyourlove.com, txt2nite.com, etc.  Make sure you send it first thing in the morning, twice during the day and last thing at night.  When the person wakes up with your text, it keeps your thoughts in their hearts. When he or she is working during the day, your texts reminds them of your love.  At night, your text keep your thoughts in their heart and their subconscious minds throughout the night.  When you do this everyday, it is only a matter of time before he or she becomes totally yours.

3. Offer them gifts

Gifts has a way of opening doors that would otherwise remain shut. Find out what he or she loves very much and buy it as a gift for them. Don’t make any assumptions about this, when you buy unwanted gifts, it will not yield desired results.  Ask his or her friends about their interests and you will hit the nail on the head with your gifts.  It will soften his or her heart and make a passage for your love to go through. After you send the gifts, smartly request for a date with him or her. It will be difficult for them to refuse because of the gifts.  Gradually, you have access to his or her heart and before you know it, they will fall heads over heals in love with you.

4. Develop interest in what they love

Does he or she loves riding horses? learn how to ride horses and invite them for a ride. Does she loves dancing? Learn how to dance and take her out to concerts.  Does he loves watching football?  Invite him to watch his favorite football team with you.  It is easy to flow with someone who shares the same interest with you.  You can laugh together, discuss issues regarding their interest etc.  This will give you an in-road into their hearts.  Try it, it works wonders.

5. Make friend with their friends

The easiest way to get close to a man or woman is to be close to their friends. Look out for his or her friends and try to be close to them.  You can even learn more about him or her through their friends. Invite their friends out for a date and ask them to bring along their friend. Give them a great treat and find a way to talk to him/her during the outing. Little by little you are getting closer to your goal. He or she will get to know more about you and probably develop a liking for you.

You see, it is easy to make someone you love fall for you.  All you need to do is to get closer to them, send love messages often, buy them gifts, develop an interest in what they love and make friend with their friends.  All these ideas will work for you if you put them to use.  All the best!

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