Cuffing Season: A Survey on Romance, Seasonal Dates, and Body Warmth

When the cooler months start tiptoeing in, when Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” is played on the radio just
a little bit less, a lesser-known phenomenon begins to spread.

For some, it starts with an innate longing to steal someone else’s sweater that smells like Abercrombie cologne. For others, it’s a desperate desire to tell Grandma between “Pass the turkey,” and “Mashed potatoes, please,” that, “I AM DATING SOMEONE!”

In fact, there’s a name for the idea that singles tend to couple up in the colder months – Cuffing Season.

And with Cuffing Season upon us, Coffee Meets Bagel surveyed 2,026 of our members to find out more about how singles feel about the phenomenon. Peek at our infographic for the juicy details.


The lesson from our Cuffing Season data? Having a partner has a lot of perks during the colder months: romance, seasonal dates, holiday plus-one’s, and, most important to those surveyed…warmth. 

While we love the idea of warming up with a plus-one, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. We advocate looking for a partner when you feel ready, not because you feel pressured by friends, family, or the changing seasons. (Unless the season and your readiness coincide – then, cuff away!)
Until then, we suggest a good sweater.