CMB Dawoon Kang Reddit AMA

Did You Miss Dawoon Kang’s Reddit ‘AMA’? Here’s 7 of the Best Q+A

Coffee Meets Bagel’s very own Co-Founder and -CEO Dawoon Kang braved Reddit’s r/IamA January 22 to answer the questions on everyone’s mind: from tips for online dating, to where the name “Coffee Meets Bagel” came from. (And seriously, who’s the coffee? Who’s the bagel?!)

There are a lot of juicy questions and answers to sift through, so we’ve organized them and picked out the best. Here’s what happened after Dawoon Kang said, “Ask me anything!”

Tips for Online Dating

1. How Can I Increase My Match Rates on CMB?

Low match-rates are a big online dating frustration for many. However, CMB’s Dawoon has some helpful advice when it comes to making your profile more effective.

“When you answer profile questions, speak from your heart and talk honestly about what’s important about you and what you’re looking for in a date,” she said.

That’s because, Dawoon sums up, longer profiles are better than short ones. For more tips for online dating, skim Dawoon’s Reddit answer below.

Reddit: increase match rates

2. Is Dating Sunday Really the Busiest Day for Online Dating?

Dating Sunday isn’t just folklore! In fact, the co-founder says Dating Sunday “was so big for us that it actually broke a record — it was the biggest chat day in CMB history!” The next most-popular day for chatty Cathys? The following Sunday, January 13.

But if you forgot to log in during peak dates, don’t worry. All of January is a popular time for Coffee Meets Bagel, so you still have time to connect.

Reddit: dating sunday busiest day for online dating

3. What Are Some of the Best Online Dating Icebreakers?

In person, singles are forced to think quickly when it comes to breaking the ices. But, online? While more time to perfect a great opening line sounds pleasant, it can also be overwhelming. Should you tell a joke? Use a pick up line? Ask a question about something on their profile?

Dawoon responded with enthusiasm. “Jokes are GREAT,” She said. “Awesome to make someone laugh!” Secondarily, commenting on someone’s profile is also a great way to hit it off. Just be sure not to be generic.

Once, Dawoon said, she used one of her favorite quotes from one of her favorite books, “The Alchemist,” on her profile. “I loved it when someone tried to guess where it was from,” Dawoon said. “It was a great convo starter.”Reddit: online dating icebreakers

4. What’s Dawoon’s Online Dating Philosophy?

Something Dawoon has said in the past is that, “It’s not about getting as many Likes as possible — it’s about getting one right like.” And, Dawoon suggested, that’s why Coffee Meets Bagel is razor-focused on curating limited quality matches instead of an endless pool of singles.

Another Redditor, “usctrojan415” gives further insight: “You don’t date online…at the end of the day you need to be able to transition offline effectively.”

Reddit: Dawoon's online dating philosophy

Coffee Meets Bagel: How It Works and More

5. How Does ‘Discover’ Work?

To new community members, how Coffee Meets Bagel works might seem confusing. However, the platform is simple (even if our algorithm is complex)! Coffee Meets Bagel’s main draw is the “Suggested” section, where CMB’ers receive limited curated matches daily. The section is 100 percent free to use and to Like people.

But when CMB’ers want to search for extra Bagels using their own Advanced Filters (such as age, location, and education), they can choose to use the “Discover” section, too. In this section, it’s free to browse, but community members must use Beans or have a special subscription to Like people.

As “happyaboutlife100” puts it below, “[Discover] was meant as just an adjunctive part of CMB – i.e. the cherry on top.”

Reddit: how does discover work on Coffee Meets Bagel

6. What’s CMB Doing About Online Dating Bots?

Scammers and bots are the reality for many dating apps, and Coffee Meets Bagel is no exception. When Redditor “superken00” asked what CMB’s strategy was for dealing with these fake profiles, Dawoon responded candidly. Take a look!

Reddit: online dating bots

7. What Does the Name ‘Coffee Meets Bagel’ Mean?

Thank you, “dl2ew” for asking a question everyone is ready to get to the bottom of! What does the name “Coffee Meets Bagel” mean, and where did it come from? Is the premise that you’re supposed to meet up for coffee? Dawoon gives a three-fold answer — see what she says in the screen-cap.

Reddit: What does coffee meets bagel mean

OK — so we didn’t learn who the coffee and who the bagel is on Coffee Meets Bagel. But, perhaps the magic is in the mystery. To see more of Dawoon Kang’s “Best Of” from her Reddit AMA, 
follow CMB on Instagram or view the full r/IamA.

Become your best Bagel by downloading dating app Coffee Meets Bagel.



5 Tips On Writing The Perfect "I am… I like… I appreciate" Of Your Coffee Meets Bagel Profile

Your profile is good I’m sure. But it’s now time to make it awesome. Let’s replace those clichés and “NA”s on your Coffee Meets Bagel profile. We found that the top 10% most LIKED profiles are 35% longer than the bottom 90% profiles. Update your profile and get more Bagels to LIKE you!
Here are our tips and tricks to get you inspired:

I am…

Tip #1: What makes you you? Mention your quirks and unique thoughts.
Tip #2: Reference emotions, action verbs, and use colorful language.
Examples: I am…

    • Practically obsessed with green tea
    • Always on the dance floor
    • Amused by my morning public transit commute
    • Never without my headphones
    • The master of buffets

I like…

Tip #3: Be very specific about your passions and interests. You like watching movies? Are you a fan of Christopher Nolan or Wes Anderson?
Examples: I like…

    • Breakfast foods for dinner
    • Vacuuming to procrastinate
    • Collecting stamps in my passport
    • Baking with as much butter as possible
    • Jackets with lots of pockets

I appreciate when my date…

Tip #4: View this as another chance to describe yourself for a better chance to connect.
Tip #5: Keep it positive! Focus on qualities that turn you on vs. turn-offs.
Examples: I appreciate when my date…

    • Laughs at my celebrity impressions
    • Can keep up with my walking pace
    • Has an excellent sense of direction
    • Will push my sense of adventure
    • Also thinks Anchorman is hysterical

Above examples are from Patrick King’s e-book, “The Coffee Meets Bagel Handbook: Online Dating Advice for Men & Women“.

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About Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB): CMB is a dating app designed with women in mind. Founded by 3 sisters in 2012 in NYC, CMB aims to deliver a fun, safe, and quality dating experience that results in meaningful relationships.

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How To Get Better Dates With An Awesome Profile

Most guys have bad dating profiles. This one of the top complaints I hear from women when it comes to online dating. Taking the time to write a good profile will help you increase your odds of getting a match who is right for you, and having a great first date.

A good profile is the backbone of your personality. It shows who you are and what you stand for. Don’t be afraid to communicate what you want, and what you don’t want.

Today I’m going to walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to write a great dating profile that gets you the right connection.

A well written profile can save you a lot of time from dealing with lukewarm connections, bad dates, and awkward conversation. If you are finding that a lot of your matches are hit or miss, taking the time to help qualify yourself and your matches will lead to a better outcome.

Also, be sure to read all the way through for a free checklist on how to make sure you have an awesome profile that will get you an amazing date.

A poorly written profile looks like this:


Why is this bad?

Many people share these interests. While they are perfectly fine to have as interests, keep in mind women are going through dozens of matches to find someone who is right for them. How will she know that you are a more fun, in shape, beer liking guy than the next? Chances are people that live in your area will have similar interests as well. I live in Colorado where hiking, skiing, and being outdoors is a common activity. It’s not unusual for me to see profile after profile of women listing how they like skiing, hiking, and being outdoors. If you are wanting to increase your chances of having a solid connection, think about writing your profile and getting specific the same way you would as why you like your favorite restaurant.

For example: Think of your favorite restaurant. Why is it your favorite restaurant? I would imagine the reason isn’t because they serve food. It probably wouldn’t even be that they serve good Japanese food. Most likely, it would be because they have the best ramen with the most authentic Japanese farm style decor that you have ever seen.
“But why? Why should I take the time to write a good profile? Shouldn’t they just like me for who I am?”

What your write in your profile is a signal to women. How you present yourself online can either be attractive, or unattractive. Much like in person, we are only given a few moments to make a decision about someone. This is why it’s so important to put some personality into your profile. If you are writing a generic profile, you are only hurting your chances of meeting someone.

I posted a Facebook status asking what women thought of a guy who had a generic profile, here’s what they said:


This is why having a well written profile is so important. Let’s take a look at how we could rewrite the profile above:


Why is this profile better than the previous one? Let’s break it down.

First, qualifying yourself and explaining why you are fun to be around gives some context. The line, “Excited to get out of bed each morning and see what new opportunities I can create for myself and others.”

What does this line actually communicate?

It says you are passionate, compassionate, and a positive person to be around. If you ask any woman what are the most attractive traits that a man can possess, most likely her answer will be, funny, intelligent, compassionate. A quick Google search, or asking any woman will pull up these same results as well. With this single line you have displayed two of these traits.

Be careful though. Don’t just make up something to display these qualities. Find what it is for you that makes you stand out for yourself. The last thing you want is to show up on a date and have to be someone you aren’t. Here is one way to think about it. Ask yourself:

  • What do I really care about?
  • What can I talk about for a long time and be excited about?

You can take almost any quality and write it in a way that makes you stand out. Even if it’s football, show why you care so much. For example:

“I am excited to watch my team take the field every week with my friends who are awesome to be around.”

Sounds a lot better than:

“I am a football fan.”
Let’s take a look at the second line. “Video producer by day, blogger by night.” I am passionate about both of my jobs and I am proud to talk about them. I put this in because being a video producer allows me to travel to a lot of interesting places and have fun stories to share. Passion shows you have something in life that you are excited about, it’s what gives spice to your personality.
Even if you don’t like your job, write something that you are passionate about. It can be what you do after work, your favorite hobby, your favorite football team – more importantly communicate why this is important to you.
For example:
“I love riding my bike and getting the fresh air in my lungs.”
“A good book is a great way to unwind, especially after a long day.”
Things to avoid: The one dimensional profile. Be careful about limiting yourself to one aspect of your personality. If all of your profile pictures are of you wearing your favorite sports team jersey and you are tailgating in all of them, you are signaling that you don’t have many other interests.
What does this signal?
A one dimensional profile signals to women, “Oh, he must be totally obsessed with this one thing. There’s no way we would have time to hang out with me, or be able to talk about anything else.”

Instead, include some depth to your profile. This means write about 2 or 3 of your favorite interests/hobbies/activities and have the same reflected in your profile pictures.

A quick guide to profile pictures
Profile pictures are extremely important to get right. The best way to do this is to include a few different kinds. Here are the few rules to follow:
High quality – Be sure that your pictures are high resolution, and well lit. If the image shows up as fuzzy or low quality, you aren’t showing off your features and it will be hard for women to see what you truly look like.
No shirtless selfies – Even if you are totally ripped and have the best body on the planet, keep the shirt on. If you want to show off all the hard work you put into your body, do it in a natural way, (at the beach surfing, on a hike where it looks like the weather is warm, you in the ring at a boxing match).
The difference in what it signals to women is significant. The shirtless selfie says, “I took the time to take my shirt off and show off my body because I’m full of myself.”
The beach photo says, “I take care of my body, and I’m out doing something fun!” Although it sounds subtle, the difference is huge. Ask a few women their opinion if you don’t believe me.
Recent – No one likes to go on the surprise date of someone who used to be in shape and then put on 20 pounds. Your profile pictures should be less than a year old.
Solo shots – Make sure it’s easy to tell who you are in each photo. If your first 3 photos are a group photo with 7 people in it, how are they supposed to know it’s you? Make it clear and evident on who you are.
All of these elements are important for having a good profile that gets you a quality date. If you spend the time making sure your profile is well written, you will see a good return.
I’ve included a free checklist with more examples on steps to follow to make sure your profile is up to speed.

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About Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB): CMB is a dating app designed with women in mind. Founded by 3 sisters in 2012 in NYC, CMB aims to deliver a fun, safe, and quality dating experience that results in meaningful relationships.

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thoughts on naked pics

"Just Don't Show Your Face" And Other Thoughts On Naked Pics

If you liked this post, check out Dick Pics: What Makes Men Think We Want Them?

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About Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB): CMB  is a free dating service that helps members make meaningful connections. It’s designed for busy singles who want to find something real with little or no effort.

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Are You My Boyfriend?

We’ve all been there. We’ve all done that.
I spot a cute guy at the bar. Chat them up. I get a drink and start flirting. Until his girlfriend shows up. I think to myself:  “Really?! I thought we were going to date. He was going to be my boyfriend. He was going to propose to me, we were gonna get married, have 3 lovely children and a golden retriever…”
Yeah, all that just went through my head during the first 10 minutes of meeting this handsome stranger. And that’s not the first time thoughts like that have entered my head, just to find out that he is married, gay, hung up on his ex or otherwise emotionally unavailable. At that point, I usually swear that I will never talk to another guy ever again.
But as we all know too well, we miss every shot we don’t take. You have to remember that you have to put yourself out there and meet new people. Keep knocking on those doors and you will eventually find the one your are looking for. Or he’ll find you. Which is the theme of the story line of C.B. Bryza’s “Are You My Boyfriend?”. The book is a witty and charming picture book for grown-up children –  a parody of the timeless Dr. Seuss classic, “Are You My Mother?” and one we can certainly all relate to. As I’m sure you’ve encountered these men before:
The attached guy:
The dude who is still in love with his ex:
And the emotionally unavailable man:
If the above scenarios look familiar, check out Bryza’s book, including more humorous encounters in “Are you My Boyfriend”

About Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB): Every day at noon, we introduce you to one single with whom you share mutual friends. You have 24 hours to LIKE or PASS your match (aka “Bagels”). Mutual LIKE leads to direct connection via text message on a private phone line.

Coffee Meets Bagel, Best Dating App

Coffee Meets Bagel's 30 days of LIKES

Get Ready: An Easy Checklist for a Fail-Proof Profile!

Hello lovely Coffee Meets Bagel ladies!

Your 30 days of LIKES campaign starts soon! Are you excited? To get the most out of this campaign, let’s make sure your profile is in shape!

Here is an easy checklist we developed based on profiles that have worked the best. Make sure you put a check next to every item!
____ Have at least 3 photos

____ First picture is a clear face shot with a smile (says you are confident & friendly)

____ Include one activity shot (says you do things)

____ No Selfie in front of a mirror (doesn’t work very well)

____ Bonus: Avoid group or sunglasses photos (definitely NOT as a first photo)

____ Bonus: Include one photo with a pet


____ Is detailed & specific to you

____ Bonus: Is witty/funny

Below is an example of a good & bad profile to help you.

Click here to update your profile! 

How to create a fail-proof profile!
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Don’t lead with your abs: 5 common mistakes to avoid on your online dating profile

Hey Bagels! As the Chief Marketing Officer at Coffee Meets Bagel, I see a lot of male profile pictures.  To be honest, they aren’t always the best. So guys of Coffee Meets Bagel, follow these 5 important online dating tips to when choosing your photos and it will quickly turn your profile into a LIKE from a Pass!
1. No shirtless pictures
Shirtless picture
Just because it worked for Bruce Lee, it doesn’t mean that it works for you. Believe it or not, we can still tell you work out with a shirt on.
2. No selfies
Regardless whether you are shirtless or not, selfies are just a don’t.  We will think that all you do is sit at home and snap pictures of yourself on your mobile device, and it doesn’t convince us that you are an interesting or adventurous guy.
3. Don’t include other girls in the picture
We obviously don’t mind that you have female friends, but sometimes we can’t tell if she your sister or your ex-girlfriend.  So please learn to use the “crop” feature on your phone or photo editor.
4. Resist holding a baby in a picture
We may think babies are cute, but we have no way of knowing who the father is. Is it your son or your nephew? We have no idea and we’d rather not guess. If you want to make us think you’re cute: try posing with your dog instead!
5. No group shots, sunglasses, baseball caps

Don’t get us wrong: we love that you are social and have friends. We love your Ray-Ban Aviators as much as you do. But when you post multiple pictures of yourself and your ten closest dude friends, or your face covered up, we just can’t tell which one you are and what you look like.
And finally, SMILE!
That’s not a don’t – that’s a DO! Girls are attracted to happy, excited & positive guys so save your serious professional shots for your LinkedIn profile. A picture of your with a smile conveys that you are warm, friendly and open to meeting you new people – which is exactly what Coffee Meets Bagel is about!

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