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The Inspirational Women Of 2014 Who Are Changing The World

1. Emma Watson


Actress, Gender Equality Activist 

On September 20, 2014, Emma Watson (UN Women Goodwill Ambassador) stood up and gave a speech at the United Nations Headquarters. Watson advocated the new UN program known as “HeForShe” which is a solidarity movement for gender equality. Watson discussed that people need to start perceiving gender on a spectrum, rather than a set of opposite ideals. The “HeForShe” movement is not only is to eliminate gender stereotypes, it’s about freedom.

2. Emma Sulkowicz


Sexual Assault Victim, Revolutionist  

Meet Emma Sulkowicz, the student who started a revolution against sexual assault on college campuses. Sulkowicz was raped the beginning of her Sophomore year in her dorm room at Columbia University in New York. Sulkowicz started hauling her mattress around campus in protest after the result of her trial. The Mattress Protest has become a powerful symbol for rape victims across college campuses. Thanks to Sulkowicz, her silent protest and bravery is an inspiration to the world about standing up for yourself and others.

3. Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox

Actress, LGBT and Transgender Activist 

Besides playing a groundbreaking role in “Orange is the New Black,” Laverne Cox has brought the topic of transgenders to the public eye. Cox’s innovative and emotional speech at Creating Change 2014 brought to light the life of transgenders and daily struggle they go through. Cox is not only an advocate for LGBT and transgenders, but is looking to inspire people of all races, ages, and genders to live more authentically. She’s become a legend in the transgender community, but she’s also become an inspiration to people all over the world.

4. Angela Merkel


Chancellor, ISIS Opponent  

On October 4, 2014, Angela Merkel (first woman chancellor of Germany) called upon the nations to standup against ISIS. “To stand up against the IS terror is in the interest of the entire world…” Merkel saw ISIS as a threat to global security and demanded action. Merkel’s action has allowed Germany to confront ISIS by supplying weapons to an opponent in Northern Iraq and training them to fight in combat. Merkel stated that nations are just sitting around waiting for the problem to go away, but it won’t. Her perseverance to take action when their is an issue is admirable and a quality that make an intelligent leader.

5. Malala Yousafzai 


 Youngest Nobel Prize Winner, Female Education Activist

For being only 17-years-old, Malalala Yousafzai has been through more than most people go through in a lifetime. In October of 2012, Malalala was shot by the Taliban while boarding a school bus. Today, she continues to fight for women’s education. Her fight has grown into an international movement and people all around the world admire her efforts and bravery. Malalala was recently awarded the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize for her “…struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education.” At the age of 17, she is the youngest person to receive this honor.

6. Col. Jamila Bayaz

article-2540088-1AAF64AC00000578-245_634x447Police Chief, Fearless Leader 

Jamila Bayaz was named the colonel in the Afghanistan National Police Force and starting in 2014 is the first female officer to command her own district. Bayaz is in a tough position being the leader of the police force in a country where gender equality is almost unheard of. Bayaz realizes what a dangerous time this is to be a female in a position of power but she says that she doesn’t regret any of the choices she had made. Her dream is to restore the city she grew up where there is no war or violence.Her courage and fearlessness are traits to be admired by all and the world will be watching what she does with this country.

7. Lupita Nyong’o 


Oscar Winner, Visionary on Identity and Self-Worth

The new face of Lancôme, Oscar winner, Miu Miu’s inspiration, magazine cover after magazine cover, Lupita Nyong’o seems to be on the right track to fame and fortune. This down-to-earth beauty may not have been in the spotlight for very long but she has already made a name for herself in terms of promoting natural beauty and self-esteem. “I hope that my presence on your screen and my face in magazines may lead you, young girls, on a beautiful journey. That you will feel the validation of your external beauty, but also get to the deeper business of being beautiful inside.”

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While You Wait for Mr. Right

When you find yourself throwing a Saturday night pity-party because you don’t have Mr. Right knocking on your front door holding a bouquet — here are some things you can do instead.

Get off Social Media

Scrolling through pictures of babies, engagement rings, and first-looks are just going to fuel bitterness and jealousy.  Your friends aren’t going to stop having adorable families anytime soon, so if you can’t handle the feed, get off the network and remove yourself from the situation.
Do this: Delete the app
Hang out with your favorite married couple
I had the pleasure of spending last weekend with one of my favorite married couples.  You know the type I am talking about — the couple that enjoys each other’s companionship so much that they actually make marriage look fun. Spending time with them reminds me that there is no rush when it comes to finding my ‘perfect’ fit and gives me hope for what the future holds. I am so excited to find someone to adventure through life with, and I’ll wait another 26 years for that person if it means holding out for my best friend.
Do this: make a phone call
Pick a passion
The fact that you have the time and energy to even worry about dating, means you’re in the top 1%. Some people are too busy trying to survive to daydream about what flowers make the best centerpieces. Find a cause you are passionate about and get involved! Animal rescues, homeless shelters, mentorship, etc. Research NGO’s and find opportunities for volunteering, fundraising, or simply donating financially. The less time you spending thinking about yourself, the better you’ll feel.
Research this: charity: water / First Descents / Volunteer Match
Drink a bottle of wine
Because we all know that when you’re in a relationship you have to do sharsies.
Drink this: One Hope Wine
Bake cookies
I don’t know when the tradition of baking cookies for significant others started, but let’s spread the love to family, friends, and co-workers. My sister occasionally sends me a box of homemade cookies from Montana, and it never fails to make my day. Make someone else’s day by surprising them with cookies! No reason required.
Bake this: Cake mix cookies
Figure out how to use a Dyson vacuum
I don’t mean this in a sexist, women-need-to-be-in-the-kitchen kind of way. I just mean if you’re really looking to kill an evening, this is a good way to do it. It took me an hour to vacuum my room last night because there are more gadgets and buttons on a Dyson than my MacBook. I am a web-developer, which means I am usually pretty good about figuring out how things work — but dammit Dyson, you win.
Read this: Manuals
Get a promotion
Focus on changing your job title instead of your last name. Spend some free time learning a new skill or establishing new relationships in your industry. Being single is a great time to dive into your career. This might mean taking a weekend course or going to a conference. Besides, you never know who you might meet!
Do this: Join a meetup in your industry
Go out with Mr. Wrong
You won’t know he’s not Mr. Right unless you go out with him. However, once you do realize he’s not right for you, there is no need to continue seeing him. I am a huge supporter of dating (online or offline). It’s a great way to get to know yourself and meet new people. But don’t do it out of loneliness. It’s not healthy for you or fair to the other person.
Download this: Coffee Meets Bagel
Get Healthy
Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically — get yourself in a good position so when you do meet someone, you won’t start a relationship with loads of emotional baggage.
Do this: join workout class / seek counseling / meditate / register for a race

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About Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB): CMB is a free dating service that helps members make meaningful connections. It’s designed for busy singles who want to find something real with little or no effort.

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Dating Lingo for Dummies


Significant Other
Someone of great importance in one’s life. Contrary to what the term implies, the significant other can be placed rather low on the priority scale.
Dog  –> Pick-Up Truck  –>  Job  –>  Mom  –>  Workout  –>  BFF  –>  Significant Other  –> Friends

Define The Relationship – It’s time to have this awkward conversation when you’re not sure if you should still be giving your number out and accepting free drinking at happy hour. It usually starts with a question similar to, “Are you seeing other people?” After this conversation, your relationship will take on one of the following states: over, open, or exclusive.

Open Relationship
Similar to Communism, this type of relationship sounds good in theory, but is a disaster when executed in real-life. It is a complicated relationship state where, due to a number of circumstances, one or both parties are not fully committed. It is popular among long-distance couples or when one person has suffered a traumatic breakup. These relationships are doomed for failure and not recommended.

In a Relationship
See Boyfriend/Girlfriend

See Exclusive

A relationship state when neither party is dating other people. This is a comfortable, exciting, and scary state that usually involves too much pressure, meeting the family, and some form of physical intimacy.

Meet up for coffee
A very casual and non-committal phrase used by a male when he kinda, sorta, maybe, but not really, wants to ask a female out. This is popular among the college and Christian dating scenes. An adult version of this would be asking a girl out for a drink.

When a guy and a girl split the bill for dinner.  Men, if you want to go on a 2nd date with this girl, don’t do this, even if she offers. This is more acceptable in later stages of the dating relationship.

Man Crush Monday – While its origins are unknown, this is a hashtag used by females as an excuse to post photos of their love interests on social media to remind their friends that they’re still in a relationship, just in case you missed the Facebook update.

Woman Crush Wednesday – Origins unknown, likely birthed after #mcm. Ironically, this hashtag is also largely used by females.  Usually these posts are by bitter single females wanting to remind men everywhere that they are so over Man Crush Monday.

Obsessive Phone Checking – A condition where you pull out your phone every 10 minutes to see if your crush has text you back or if your scruffy Bagel has ‘liked’ you.  This condition can get better or worse with the consumption of alcohol, so drink wisely.  The best cure for OPC is a trip to Montana, where there is no cell phone service.

The One That Got Away
A person you’ve either

  1. never spoken to but saw once on a flight from Kalispell to Salt Lake City (he ordered grapefruit juice and a blanket)
  2. spent an undefined amount of time with

and have since inaccurately romanticized what life with this person would be like.

A buzz word used in the Christian dating scene when a guy goes on a first date with a girl to see if she is the one he could spend the rest of his life with. Confusing? Unrealistic? Exactly.

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About Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB): CMB  is a free dating service that helps members make meaningful connections. It’s designed for busy singles who want to find something real with little or no effort.

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