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Top 13 Qualities That Every Guy Wants In A Girlfriend

Is there such a thing as the perfect girlfriend? They might not exist in the real world but one thing is for sure, the perfect girl can certainly be found in our beloved Hollywood Rom-Coms. Characters such as Katniss Everdeen, Rachel Jenson, and even Pitch Perfect’s infamous Fat Amy, possess qualities that many men look for in a girlfriend. Here are 13 perfect girlfriend traits that make my favorite movie characters, well… perfect. 

1.  She’s a die hard sports fan… or at least pretends to be. 

girlfriend qualities

2.  She isn’t afraid to make fun of herself… or what you did last night. 

girlfriend qualities

3.  She’s not afraid to tell you how she truly feels.

girlfriend qualities

4.  She’s down-to-earth and up for doing just about anything… even skipping school and running around Chicago with you.

girlfriend qualities

5.  She’s supportive… even if you’re being irrational.  

girlfriend qualities

6.  She stands-up for herself in all situations… especially while shopping on Rodeo Drive. 

girlfriend qualities

7.  She isn’t afraid to fight for something she believes in. 

girlfriend qualities

8.  She’s the girl all of the guys want. 

girlfriend qualities

9.  She’s sarcastic in awkward situations when humor is necessary. 

girlfriend qualities

10.  She’s not afraid to bond with your family… even if it involves dancing around a campfire.


11.  She knows what she wants and will always go after it.

Just Go With It Jennifer Aniston

12.  She’s confident in what she does… even if she isn’t the best at something. 

Pitch Perfect Fat Amy

13.  She’s content and happy with who she is… even if she doesn’t know she’s royalty. 

Princess Diaries Anne Hathaway
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