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Mission and Passion of 3 Sisters Turned Free Dating Service

Ever wondered, "Where are all the good ones?"

We definitely did for many years and still do. And not to sound arrogant, but we think we are a pretty decent, smart, and on some good hair days, even cute bunch. So why are we having trouble meeting other decent people like us?

Despite the swarms of new, young, & ambitious people flocking into the Big Apple City every year, and the numerous happy hours and late night parties, we & many of our friends (yes, both guys and girls) found ourselves asking the same question. We knew that they were around us, but just didn’t know how to really meet and connect with them…

Hence Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) was born. We created CMB on three guiding principles:
  1. Unless you want to tell others, your dating life should remain private
  2. Your friends are the best conduits for your dates
  3. Meeting quality people doesn't have to be so awkward or complicated

To make this easy & fun, we decided to deliver to our members one match (“Bagel”) every day at NOON. Members simply choose to LIKE or PASS their Bagels. We wanted to create something for you to look forward to every day, something that adds excitement to spice up your lunch break :)

Most of all, we hope our service will ease the stress of finding the right person for you and wish you the best in your search (and hope you make some cool friends along the way). Welcome to CMB!

The Kangs

Story behind the name Coffee Meets Bagel

We wanted our service to be something that people look forward to everyday, something that can spice up their lunch break. Most of our members are busy young professionals, and we know that one thing everyone looks forward to daily is coffee breaks. That led us to choose coffee. There are many things that go well with coffee but we chose Bagels because we launched in New York City!


  • Coffee Meets Bagel, free dating site, founder Arum


    Arum loves being in the consumer space. She has experience working at Avon Products as well as Amazon, leading efforts to understand consumer needs and behavior to deliver superior product experiences. After graduating from Harvard Business School, Arum is excited to start a business that leverages technology to bring something truly valuable to consumers.

  • Coffee Meets Bagel, free dating site, founder Dawoon


    After wandering around for years trying to find her passion, Dawoon is happy to be finally working on a matter close to her heart, with & for people she loves! Prior to CMB, she lived & worked in Korea, Japan, New York, India & Hong Kong, in a variety of roles that spanned from strategy & business development, marketing, research to investing/finance. She is a proud graduate of Stanford Graduate School of Business.

  • Coffee Meets Bagel, free dating site, founder Soo


    Soo is a veteran graphic designer, with years of experience working with many of the world's most recognized brands such as Belvedere Vodka, Samsung, Harajuku and Sally Hansen. Despite her impressive list of clients, Soo's true passion lies in working with startups to help them create designs that are both beautiful and functional. As a single woman in NYC, Soo's experience and insights marked the beginning of Coffee Meets Bagel. She holds a BA from Parsons School of Design.