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Q: How does CMB work and how is it different from the others?
A: Everyday at noon, you will receive several highly curated matches based on our sophisticated matching algorithm to either Like, Pass, or Connect with if they have already Liked you! Once you decide to connect, a private chat opens for both parties to chat for seven days.

Q: Why does CMB require a Facebook account?
A: Because we provide one match, or Bagel, a day, it is important for us to give you the best possible matches. Our studies have shown having mutual friends between matches result in 40% more connections. To enable matches with mutual connections, currently we require all of our users to sign up with a Facebook account. This also helps us to identify fake accounts. But not to worry! We never post anything to your Facebook account, we never inform anyone you have joined, and we never publicly link your Facebook to your CMB profile. In fact, we don't even share your name (just your first) until you are connected. Your privacy is our number one concern and we'd never do anything to hurt that trust.

Q: Is Coffee Meets Bagel outside of the U.S.?
A: Yes! Coffee Meets Bagel is available all over the globe! Please click here to sign up and invite your friends!

Q: I'm having problems logging in. What should I do?
A: Please follow these steps if you are having issues logging in: For iOS users | For Android users
Contact us with the following information if the problem persists:
- Device: Are you using an Android or iPhone? Please also include the version of the operating system your device is running.
- What error message or specific problem are you encountering? Any details and screenshots would help.

Q: I'm having other technical issues.
A: First, make sure you are running the latest version of the app. You can do so by jumping into the Google Play or App Store and running any applicable updates to CMB. Then, try logging out and back into the app. Verify your mobile data or Wifi connection is strong (some office or public WiFi hotspots block dating sites, so you may need to turn your WiFi off. Additionally, make sure you have given our app permission to run on your cellular data). If the problem persists, try deleting and re-installing the whole app. Don't worry - all your data will be saved and retrieved after the reinstallation.
Contact us with the following information if the problem persists:
- Device: Are you using an Android or iPhone? Please also include the version of the operating system your device is running
- What error message or specific problem are you encountering? Any details and screenshots would help.

Q: Why are people under Discover different from my Daily Bagel?
A: With Discover, we give you the opportunity to explore more Bagels in your area. Unlike your curated Daily Bagels, Discover Bagels may be outside of your preferences or you may be outside of theirs. If you see a Bagel that you like, use Beans to TAKE that Bagel by clicking the heart icon. If you see someone that a friend might like, play matchmaker and GIVE that Bagel to a friend by clicking the arrow. Bagels you see in Discover will refresh everyday at noon, so be sure to take action right away if you're interested!

Q: I am not hearing back from matches. Are you sure my matches are checking my profile?
A: We live and die to help our members connect so we take this very seriously! We do not make matches with members who are not active -- in fact, we automatically deactivate members who are inactive after a short period of time. Your profile also makes a HUGE difference in the response rate. Your first photo is the most important so you'll want to make sure it shows your face clearly (remember to smile!). We suggest uploading one or two headshots and using another two to show off hobbies/interests and your full body. The more photos usually results in the highest Like Rate! Profile details are equally important -- one of our top complaints from users is receiving a Bagel with little or no profile information. Think about what really makes you unique and interesting. This is your chance to stand out, so be unique and show some character!

Q: I am suspicious my chat matches are not going through.
A: Typically, if you have successfully received the ice breaker question from us and are able to send a message of your own, this indicates your messages are successfully getting to your match. However, if you have not heard back from a number of your matches please let us know and we will verify your account is in working order.

Q: I clicked LIKE. Now what?
A: When you LIKE someone, your profile will automatically be sent to that person on the soonest day they do not already have a match lined up. If you Took a Bagel, your profile will show up in that Bagel's Discover section with a note you've LIKED them! Typically your profile will be seen within 1-3 days. You will get a push notification as well as an email if your Bagel LIKES you back! Once connected, you can start chatting with your Bagel within the app.

Q: I connected with a match. Now what do I do?
A: Next step is easy! You simply go to the chat bubble in the app to access the connection with your match. It doesn't matter who messages first so don't be shy! At Coffee Meets Bagel, we expect our members to be open and respect EVERY connection made! Please don't be that member who ruins everyone else's experience by ignoring initial texts from matches you connected with!

Q: Why don't I receive a Bagel everyday?
A: We are still growing in many cities so some days you might not receive a Bagel. The best way to ensure you get one every day is to invite your friends. The more friends that join, the broader your network will be, and the chance of a quality match increases! You can also try widening your preferences so you don't restrict your matches too much. Navigate to Bagel Preferences in the My Profile section of the app to do so.

Q: What are Beans?
A: You can use Beans to unlock extra features on Coffee Meets Bagel. Start collecting Beans now -- you will want them later! You can get more Beans by purchasing more in the Bean Shop or by performing fun tasks like voting in Photo Lab (more on that later) or inviting your friends to join!

Q: What is Give?
A: You get to play the matchmaker! With this feature, you can recommend your past Daily Bagels or any of the Discover Bagels to your friends so they can receive him/her as a match. Friends, help each other out! Giving Bagels that your friends check earns you free Beans! The maximum amount of Beans you can earn from Give per friend per day is 300.

Q: What is Take?
A: If you TAKE a Bagel in the Discover section, your profile will appear in their Discover section in the following days with a note that you LIKED them. They just have to LIKE back to connect; no Beans spent on their end! Keep in mind when spending your Beans here these Bagels do not fully meet your preferences, and/or you may not meet theirs.

Q: What is Woo?
A: Send a Woo to get noticed faster and let your Bagel know how special they are! Tap Woo on the lower right corner of the LIKE button to activate the Woo screen. Click the plus (+) sign on the lower right corner to add as many Woos as you want. Keep track of how many you add in the upper right corner of the screen. To the left of the Woo button, you'll see the amount of Beans deducted per Woo. Then, just click Woo to send!

Q: What is Photo Lab?
A: Photo Lab lets you help CMB members find the best photos for their profile, while getting feedback on yours, too. Plus, earn Beans for your votes! Maximum 100 votes per day for Bean rewards. Find Photo Lab in your Profile section (iOS) or your Tips & Reports section (Android). Click the plus (+) button to upload two photos to send out to the community for review. When we've got enough feedback from the community, we'll notify you that your report is ready for purchase. You can use Photo Lab as many times as you want, but you can only have one photo set out at a time :)

Q: How do I delete my account?
A: Although we hate to see you go, to delete your account you must first place your account on hold. Go to Settings and change your account status to inactive. If you're sure you would like to delete, you can now scroll to the bottom of the Settings page to fully delete your account. Please note: deleting your account is permanent and cannot be undone. If you ever decide to come back to us in the future (and we hope you do) you will have to start from scratch.

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